To help you stay on top of your health, we have opened the office for in-person visits, and will continue to offer televisits. LEARN MORE

Stay on top of your health care with video appointments.

Stay on top of your health care with video appointments.

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At Manhattan Cardiovascular Associates, our experience sets us apart. As the top cardiology team in New York, we understand that each patient’s journey is unique.

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Led by Michael Ghalchi, MD, FACC — a top rated, nationally recognized Board Certified Cardiologist — and supported by Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC, additionally certified in Clinical Lipidology, Nuclear Cardiology, and Echocardiography. LEARN MORE

Michael Ghalchi, MD, FACC
Michael Ghalchi, MD, FACC, our medical director, has been recognized for his open-minded, thorough, and innovative approach to patient care. Board-Certified in cardiovascular disease and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, he demonstrates a genuine commitment to both the scientific and humanistic aspects of cardiovascular health. LEARN MORE 
Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC
Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC, brings extensive knowledge and experience to her role at Manhattan Cardiovascular Associates, where her passion is helping patients to prevent and reverse chronic disease through lifestyle modification and holistic care. LEARN MORE 

Baylee Simpson, EP

Baylee Simpson, EP

Exercise Physiologist
Meredith Price, MS, RD

Meredith Price, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian
Brittany Modell, MS, RD, CDN

Brittany Modell, MS, RD, CDN

Registered Dietitian
Kerry Cannity, Ph.D.

Kerry Cannity, Ph.D.

Health Psychologist

Affiliations & Awards

  • Columbia University Irvine School of Medicine
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • NYU School of Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American College of Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • NYPD Honorary Police Surgeon 2
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  • Super Doctors
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • American Board of Clinical Lipidology
  • American Society of Echocardiography
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Board of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Boston University School of Medicine
  • National Lipid Association
  • New York Science and Engineering Fair Judge
  • Off the Scale
  • Vocalto

How we accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Our expert care begins by understanding who you are and how you live your life.

How we accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Patient Experiences

A practice’s story is best told by its patients. We are pleased to present these testimonials by Manhattan Cardiovascular Associates patients.

Cardiology and complete health care that fit your lifestyle.

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Cardiology and complete health care that fit your lifestyle.