Feeling tired during the day could be normal but chronic or sudden fatigue can indicate that there’s an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Fatigue includes feeling low energy.

Different than simply feeling sleepy or tired, fatigue includes feelings of no motivation or energy. Sometimes it’s due to your lifestyle while others experience it in conjunction with a medical or cardiovascular condition.

Fatigue itself is simply an overwhelming feeling of lethargy. If the onset is sudden, or there are associated symptoms like discomfort in the chest, difficulty breathing, or dizziness, this may require immediate attention. If your fatigue is chronic, associated with snoring or difficulty sleeping, or if you’ve noticed other new or changing symptoms, an evaluation would be helpful to determine if there might be an underlying cardiovascular cause.

Causes & Risk Factors

Individuals who regularly feel fatigued might have a medical or cardiovascular health condition, a lifestyle component, or a mental health issue that’s contributing to their symptoms. Within these three areas are many causes that could create feelings of fatigue ranging from poor nutrition and depression to heart rhythm disorders and coronary artery disease. When your fatigue cannot easily be explained, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Manhattan Cardiovascular Associates to find the cause.

Treatment & Prevention

If you’re often fatigued and can’t understand why our experts at Manhattan Cardiovascular Associates can help. We might order blood and urine tests, perform cardiovascular diagnostic tests such as stress tests and heart monitors and discuss your lifestyle with you. Once we’re able to determine the cause of your fatigue we can develop a treatment plan to address the underlying issue.

Cardiology and complete health care that fit your lifestyle.

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Cardiology and complete health care that fit your lifestyle.